For Authors

Requirements for the manuscript of the article

The manuscript should be sent by e-mail : with a note – for Ius Privatum. File names must match the author’s last name (petrenko.doc.).

Please add a photo of the author in .jpeg format in the format 15×10 to the article.

Technical requirements:

  • volume – from 10 to 24 pages inclusive.
  • file format – * .doc, * .docx or * .rtf.
  • A4 page format (297×210 mm).
  • orientation – book, margins (all) – 20 mm.
  • headset – Times New Roman, size – 14, line spacing – 1.5.

Mandatory structural elements of the article are:

1. UDC

Universal decimal classification – a library classification of documents, widely used around the world to systematize works of science, literature and art, periodicals, various types of documents and the organization of files.
To correctly determine the UDC, we suggest using the following link:

2. Title

The title of the article should serve as an “advertisement” for Your publication, so we recommend using the optimal title to fully reflect the essence of the publication. It is not recommended to start the name with the words “About…”, “To the question about…”, etc. Try to minimize the number of words in the title without losing the focus of your work.

3. Information about the author.

This part consists of surname and first name, information about the degree, academic title, membership in the national academies of sciences of Ukraine (or other countries) or other honorary titles that the author deems appropriate to indicate; place of work, position, as well as the city in (brackets), ORCID.

4. Abstract (900 – 1100 printed signs)

This section describes and fully presents Your article, reveals its content and helps the reader understand whether it is useful and interesting for him. The abstract summarizes the described problem, indicates the methods, results and conclusions. It is recommended to prepare an annotation after the main text to prevent inconsistencies between the planned and presented content of the work.

5. Keywords (five to seven words or phrases)

The most important words or phrases that set Your article apart from others. With these keywords, readers will be able to find your post among others. Note that the main search elements are UDC, title and keywords.

6. Introduction

In this part the author can point out a problem, carry out the abstract review of scientific literature, judicial or administrative practice. It is possible to resort to the historical preconditions of the studied phenomenon or relationships. It is in this part that the author points out the problem and task that he will try to solve in the article. It is possible to briefly indicate the hypotheses and research methods.

7. Research methods (optional)

If the author wishes it’s possible to pay special attention to research methods in particular, or methodology in general. This part is appropriate in the case of choosing non-traditional for jurisprudence methods or research methodology. This element should contain the answer to the question “Why did the author come to such conclusions?”

8. The main content

It is desirable to divide the article into parts, highlighting each of them with a number (1.) or subtitle. It is desirable that each of the structural parts contains a separate position of the author on the problem under study. If necessary, it is possible to select smaller parts (1.1.).

References in the text are made in square brackets – [1, p. 23] or in accordance with one of the styles assigned to the recommended list of styles of the list of scientific publications, given in Annex 3 to the Requirements for the preparation of dissertations.
Key terminology and key provisions in the text can be highlighted in bold or italics.

9. Conclusions

Contain generalizations of research results and indicate the implementation of tasks.

10. Literature

The list of scientific and other sources which were used by the author and which were resulted in the publication is generalized. The list must be designed taking into account the National Standard of Ukraine DSTU 8302: 2015 or one of the styles included in the recommended list of styles of design of the list of scientific publications, given in Annex 3 to the Requirements for dissertations.

Due to the scientific profile of the journal, we recommend:

Springer Style
Elsevier Style

Items 2 – 5 in Ukrainian. The abstract must be at least 1800 characters in size.

Ph. D. students should submit a recommendation (scanned or printed versions).

The editorial board of the journal reserves the right to review, edit and select articles.

Articles that violate the requirements will not be considered.

The materials published in the journal reflect the views of the authors, which may not always coincide with the position of the editorial board.

Authors publishing under license allowed by the journal retain all rights.